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Very Short Paragraph on Earthquakes (197 Words)

Paragraph on Earthquakes! Earthquakes are tremors, which are produced by the passage of vibratory waves through the rocks of the earth. The devastation caused by earthquakes to the human life and property, as well as to the ecosystem, is very high. The earthquake belt of the world is also associated with the volcanic belt, but […]

Paragraph on the Causes of Earthquakes in India

Here is your paragraph on the causes of earthquakes in India! Although earthquakes occur due to several causes such as volcanic eruption, faulting, hydrostatic pressure etc. the plate tectonic theory is the most convincing and widely accepted. The term ‘plate tectonics’ was first used by Terzo Wilson of the University of Toronto in 1965 and […]

Paragraph on Hazardous Effects of Earthquakes

Paragraph on Hazardous Effects of Earthquakes ! The hazardous effects of earthquakes do not depend only upon their magnitude and intensity alone but on so many other factors such as population, nature of rocks, type of buildings, etc. Even a weak earthquake can do great damage if it strikes a densely populated area, an area […]

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