Paragraph on Energy (232 Words)

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Energy is the primary input in the production of goods and services. The wheels of progress move with the flow of energy.


One of the critical elements in raising the standard of living of a country’s population is the provision of affordable and reliable energy services in sufficient quantities.

More regular and ample is the availability of energy, more even will be the path to economic prosperity. The role of energy has significantly increased with the increase in industrialization and urbanization in the present day society.

From its early role, which was confined to kitchen as a fuel for household cooking, energy is now a major input in sectors such as industry, commerce, transport and telecommunications, besides the wide range of services required in the household sector.

Depending upon its source and utilization, energy can be divided into two broad classes viz. (i) traditional or non-commercial, and (ii) commercial energy. The non-commercial energy includes fire-wood, charcoal, cow dung, agricultural wastes and also animal power.


The commercial sources of energy comprise coal, oil, natural gas, hydro-electricity, nuclear power, as well as wind and solar power. Energy may also be classified as conventional and non-conventional depending upon its nature. Coal, petroleum, natural gas and electricity are the main sources of conventional energy while solar, wind, tidal, geothermal energy and biogas, etc. are some of the outstanding examples of non- conventional energy.

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