Paragraph on Datta Jayanti (541 Words)

Here is your paragraph on Datta jayanti:

This is the birthday of Dattatreya (a form of the Trinity) and falls on the fifteenth day of Margashirsha (November-December).


Myth tells us that sage Narada was very unhappy as there were no quarrels anywhere.

So he approached Parvati and while conversing with her, observed that there was no woman in the three worlds to equal Anasuya, wife of Atri, in piety and virtue.

Now Parvati had always thought herself the paragon of virtue and was offended by Narada’s speech. She didn’t say anything but decided to prove the inferiority of Anasuya by demonstration. Thus, as soon as Narada had left, she went to Shiva and asked him to tempt Anasuya and deprive her of her chastity.

From Mount Kailas, Narada went to Brahmaloka, raised “^alousy in Sarasvati and after that reached Vaikuntha and succeeded in making Lakshmi ask her hus­band to’ tempt Anasuya. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva set out for Atri’s hermitage and met each other at the junctions of three roads, and ascertaining the object of their mission, decided to act together.


They transformed themselves into mendicant Brahmins, went to Atri’s hermitage and begged for alms. Anasuya appeared with a handful of grain, but they asked for food. She sent them to bathe in the stream adjoining the hermitage and prepared a meal for them.

The three deities in disguise came for the food, seated themselves and asked Anasuya to strip herself naked and then serve them. Anasuya took a bowl of water, washed her husband’s feet with it and collecting the water again) sprinkled it over the Brahmins who were now turned into babies.

She then stripped herself, offered them breast and put them to sleep in a cradle. The deities were also deprived of their power to assume their original forms. Thus trapped, they contin­ued to live in the hermitage as Anasuya’s children.

Prolonged absence of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, led their wives to set out in search of them. They also met at the function of three roads and found Narada standing there playing on his Veena. They enquired about their husbands where­abouts and were informed that they were seen going to the hermitage of Atri. On reaching the spot, they found their husbands in the cradle. Now Anasuya came out and the goddesses, much humiliated, begged her to return their husbands to them. She asked each of the ladies to pick out their husband. But all the babies looked alike and Lakshmi, in confusion, picked up Shiva to the merriment of Anasuya and the gods.

They now requested Anasuya to restore their husbands to their original forms. But Anasuya said that she had nursed the babies for so long and had some claim on the babies and the gods agreed to remain with her as her offspring in a combined form with three heads and six hands. On getting this assurance she washed the feet of her husband, sprinkled the water on the babies and transformed them to their proper forms. The gods, in their turn, kept their promise and by combining a part of each of them, produced a three-headed divinity named ‘Dattatreya’. The central head represents Vishnu, the right-hand the Shiva and the other Brahma.

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