Paragraph on Rali Festival (332 Words)

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Rali is a very significant festival of clay models observed in the Kangra valley with great enthusiasm.


The unmarried girls commemorate the event with a view of seeking good husband, while newly married girls pine for a happy and prosperous married life. This festival falls in the month of Chaitra (March).

Myth tells us that Brahman gave his grown-up daughter Rali in marriage to a child named Shankar. When she discovered her fate she stopped the bearers of her dooly by the side of a river and announced to her brother Bastu that she would live no more; she directed that, in future, girls should make clay images of herself and her husband, perform the marriage ceremony, and then convey them to the river in a dooly, and drown them there.

Having spoken thus, she threw herself into the stream and was drowned, her example being promptly followed by Shankar and Bastu in their grief. During the month of Chait little girls take baskets of grass and flowers to certain spots for a period of about ten days, and when a large heap has been collected, they cut a couple of large forked sticks, fix them—prongs downwards—over the heaps and on their pointed ends attach two clay images, one of Siva and the other of Parvati.

All the ceremonies of a marriage are celebrated—the fetching of the bride with the barat (marriage procession), the actual marriage rites, and even the wedding feast at the conclusion.


Eventually on the 1st of Baisakh when the sad event is said to have oc­curred, the images are carried to the nearest stream and immersed amid much weeping and wailing. Girls, who join in this festival, expect to secure good hus­bands thereby. Considerable excitement is caused sometimes by small boys who dive and fish out the images in order to tease the girls. This is an unique festival, celebrated by young girls in remembrance of this maiden ‘Rali’.

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