Short Paragraph on Behdienkhlam Festival

Here is your short paragraph on Behdienkhlam Festival:

Behdienkhlam Festival Celebrated annually at Jowai in Jaintia Hills by Jaintias that falls in the month of July.


A richly colourful festival in Meghalaya where men, young and old participate in dancing to accompaniment of drums and flute.

This is the main festival in the Jaintia hills. It is confined only to the Jaintias (Pnars) with the celebration at Jowai annually after the sowing. There is a faint element of the Hindu festivals like Durga Puja, Holi and Ratha-Yatra etc. runs through it. Thus, one can witness a marked influence of Hinduism on the socio-religious life of the Jaintians.

In this festival the rots (rathas) are built by the villagers, very tall structures made of bamboo trunk and multi-coloured papers and tinsels, are carried from different quarters of Jowai town for immersion at the pool on the last day of the festival called ‘Aitnar’.

In the midst of great scramble and rush among people the sacred tree is deeped in the lake. They rush to touch the tree. Whosoever gets the opportunity of touching it first is regarded the most blessed man of the year. The festival is also connected with evil expulsion rites and the harvest festival.

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