Short Paragraph on Good Friday

Here is your short paragraph on Good Friday:

It commemorate the passion and death of Jesus on the cross. Christians spent this day as a day of fasting, reading sermons on the death of Jesus and keeping company with Jesus in his last sufferings.


It is called as ‘good’ because the happenings of this day are believed to be the source of man’s salvation.

Motive behind the observation of Good Friday (March-April) is therefore, to get relief from suffering. Special happening of this sacred day are the 3 hours devotion for suf­fering of Jesus (3 days remembrance) for our sins. 3 hours continue prayers and group level.

In some churches, on Good Friday, the devotes wear black clothes, go in a procession with an image of the dead Jesus and a ceremonial burial takes place. No bells are rung in Christian churches.

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