Short Paragraph on Govardhana Puja (162 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Govardhana puja:

The motive/purpose of Govardhana Puja is the protective ritual for calami­ties. The day after Diwali-the first day of the waxing fortnight of Kartika, in North India, Govardhana Puja is held.


This is a day sacred to Krishna and he is wor­shipped as the Lord of Govardhana, the mountain he lifted up to protect the cowherd folk from the wrathful rains of Indra.

On this day in Vraj, Govardhana itself is worshipped with an unsurpassed feast of foods and sweets.

The day is also called Annakuta, the “Mountain of Food”. In Kashi, this day is observed with a “Mountain of Food” at the Gopala Temple, dedicated to Krishna. In Vaishnava homes, Govardhana Puja is performed by making a crude image of Govardhana out of cow-dung on the courtyard floor.

On this one day, this deity, which looks something like a ginger bread man, is honoured with foods as the Lord of Govardhana, increaser of cattle.

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