Short Paragraph on Jwalamukhi Festival

Here is your short paragraph on Jwalamukhi Festival:

This is observed in Kangra valley of Himachal Pradesh twice a year in April and October. The local residents dressed in colourful costumes take out a procession.


Jwala-Mukhi denotes ‘Flames Mouth’, a temple of the goddess of that name located in the Kangra district in the valley of the Beas.

It is built over some fissures in the sandstone rock from which issue natural jets of combustible gas, believed by the pilgrims to be a manifestation of the goddess Devi.

It is also said that flames proceed from the mouth of a demon-king named Jalandhara, whom Shiva over­whelmed with mountains and after whom the Jailandhar (Jullundur) is named.

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