Short Paragraph on Kharchi Puja (342 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Kharchi Puja:

This festival is also known as ‘Chaturdash or Chaudda—Devata Puja’ and is observed in the Tripura state.


The place where the festival is celebrated is called ‘Chaturdash—Devatar or Chaudda—Devatar bari’. It is situated at old Agartala. The Chaturdash Devatas were the family deities of the Manikya dynasty, the former rulers of Tripura.

Till today, all the gods are daily worshipped by the priests, but on the eight day of the bright half of the month of Asara (June—July) a special worship called ‘Karchi Puja’ is performed for seven days in honour of the deities.

A legend tells as that these fourteen gods were migrated from Burma to Tripura. But most widely accepted myth is that after slaying Tripura, Lord Shiva directed Hirabati, the widow of Tripura to worship fourteen gods, namely, Hara, Uma, Hari, Ma (Lakshmi), Bani (Saraswati), Kumara, Ganesha, Brahma, Prithvi, Samudra, Ganga, Agni, Kamadeva, and Himalaya.

Though primarily a tribal affair, but today people from all communities take part in the festival and in the fair, which is associated with the puja. Cel­ebrated in a brick-built temple called ‘Chaturdash Devata’. On the first day, in the early morning fourteen gods are carried by fourteen priest are taken out in a grand procession to the river Howrah, led by Chantai Maharaj, the head priest. After sacred bath, the idols are taken into a special hut. Chief priest now begins the worship of all the gods one by one. Another goddess “Burma” is also honoured on the occasion . Animal sacrifice particularly the sacrifice of the goats are allowed in this festival.


In short, this festival is celebrated in the state of Tripura and is a major event. It falls in the month of Ashad and commences from Shukla Asthami day. Kharchi Puja is dedicated to goddess Vasundhara and on the occasion, a great fair is organised that goes till the month of Sravana.

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