Short Paragraph on Khudurkuni Osa

Here is your short paragraph on Khudurkuni Osa:

In the coastal district of Orissa, unmarried girls observe this festival. It occurs on the Sundays of the month of Bhadra (August – September).


During the festival Goddess Durga is propitiated. Khuda Bhaja (Left out particles of rice that are fried), Kantiali Kakudi (Cucumber having little thorns on it), Lia (fried paddy), Ukhuda (fried paddy sweetened by molasses) and coconut are the food-offering given to the deity.

However, the principal food-offering is Khuda which is said to be the favourite of the Goddess.

Therefore, the festival is named as “Khudarankuni” or Popularly ‘Khudurkuni’ which means one who is very eager for khuda.

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