Short Paragraph on Nabadvip

Here is your short paragraph on Nabadvip:

This is place where the fifteenth century Vaishnavite saint Shri Chaitanyamahaprabhu of Bengal was born on 27, A.D. 1486.


Mayapur, Nabadvip is located in the Nadia district of West – Bengal which was then popularly known as the Oxford of Bengal in the academic world.

It is said that the moment, the great Lord (as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu) appeared, characterised itself with auspi- ciousness; for, the entire atmosphere of Navadvip was then traditionally surcharged with the chanting of the holy name of Harekrishna due to the occurrence of the lunar eclipse.

His place of birth has become one of the most sacred centres of Hindu pilgrimage. An Iskon temple built in recent time is an added attraction of this holyplace.

Specially during spring festival, tens of thousands of ‘devotees throng the area’ both from within the country and also from abroad. Some scholars opines that the actual birth place of Sri Chaitanya was ‘Ramchandrapur’ and not the present ‘Mayapur’.

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