Short Paragraph on Naga Panchami Mela

Here is your short paragraph on Naga Panchami Mela:

Karkotaka Vapi in the Kashi Khanda is having one of the deepest wells in Kashi, popularly known as ‘Naga Kuan’.


It is in the ancient and now dilapidated part of northern Kashi and the home of Patanjali, the great Sanskrit grammarian of the ancient times.

On Naga Panchami, this well, in a part of the city not usually frequented by most Hindus, comes to life with a great fair. Here in honour of serpent deities, the devotees bathe in the deep well of ‘Naga Kuan’, and watch the dare devil young worshippers from the region plunge from the top of the wall surrounding the well into the waters some thirty feet below.

These waters, they say, are very deep because they emerge from the nether-worlds ‘Patala’, which is the realm of the nagas.

In the late afternoon, as the festivities wane, a great crowd will assemble under an enormous banyan tree to listen to speeches in honour of Patanjali, who is said to have been an incarnation of Vishnu’s serpent, Shesha.

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