Short Paragraph on Pushkar Mela

Here is your short paragraph on pushkar mela:

Pushkar Mela of Rajasthan falls in the month of October/November. A scholar has vividly described the ambiance and striking features of the mela in the following words.


The journey to the banks of lake Pushkar begins days in advance through the sandy wastes of Rajasthan. The vehicles are as myriad as the particiĀ­pants themselves cars horses, bullock carts, camels, cars and jeeps in their thouĀ­sands.

For men, it is time to buy and sell cattle, camels and horses, etc., leather predominates in embroidered animal coves. For ladies, it is a chance to wonder at the bangles, the clothes, the pots and pans and other utensils of brass.

Necklaces of glass beads from Nagpur, ivory work from Morta, printed cloth from Jodhpur and Ajmer, prized goods from far and near. The participants in this fair are Rajputs, proud legacies of a history of chivalry and valour. The fair thrives once again at the high point of the horse and camel races.

An important function of the fair is the trading of the cattle. Spirited bidding accompanies the auction. And the Pushkar ends as it begins, in an endless stream of bullock carts, camels and jeeps, mending a weary, but well satisfied way, homewords. It is here only in Pushkar, of Ajmer where ‘Brahma’ is worshipped.

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