Short Paragraph on Roja (304 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Roja:

It was in 622 CE, Prophet Mohammad (peace upon Him) migrated to Madina and saw the Jews fast.


On enquiring, the prophet is being informed that it was a good day, when the Bani Israel were rescued from their enemy, so Moses fasted and enjoined upon Muslims to fast on that day.

Fasting was made obligatory on Muslims later in the following year with the revelation of the verse:”0 ye who believe! Fasting is prescribed for you, even as it was prescribed for those before you-so that you may ward off evil (Al-Quaran II, 183).

The time of enjoying fast is important because Muslims were in a miserable state in Mecca until they move to Madina. It is here in Madina, after initial resistance, Islam gained popularity and gradually an Islamic state came into being. There it was necessary to provide for safeguards against temptations of power and remain sensitive to the plight of the masses.

More so, to train Muslims spiritually and morally, fasting is essential. With the emergence of the crescent filament in the sky, the nine month of the lunar year begins.


This is the month of Ramzan (Ramadhan) the holy month of Muslims, when the Quaran was revealed. On this day men and women, aged and young, rich and poor, all fast joyously from morning to evening. They abstain from food, water and sensual pleasures. The exercise continues for 30 days.

This is purification rite as ordained in Quran:

Para II Soorh Bakra Ayat No. 183. Both Shia and Sunni observe Roja, i.e., Allah’s order to keep fast for a month as purification rite. Special feature of the occasion are full month day- fast opening Roja, after dawn food, before sunrise after seeing milky-way food; any item after sunset upto before sunrise.

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