Paragraph on Myself for Kids

Read this short paragraph on Myself for Kids !

Kids are the most innocent and adorable people you will ever find. Even the bible says that only those who are as humble as kids will go to heaven. Regardless of their gender I love kids.


I love their innocence and the fact that they lead stress free life. Since time immemorial I have always liked to help kids especially those that are less fortunate like the orphans.

I have never understood why a mother could go through the pain of bearing forth a child only to abandon the child out in the cold and with no one to care for him or her. Kids need protection and a person to care for them since they don’t have the resources nor the capability of caring for themselves. They need someone to feed them, provide shelter and most importantly offer love, care and support.

I have always loved kids and if I had the capability wouldn’t let any kid to suffer out in the street or wherever they may be. I would do all my best to ensure they get their basic needs and are comfortable

It’s the simple things that matter and though I don’t have the capability to love and care for all the less fortune kids in the world, I always make it my responsibility to help the ones that I can. It’s common for me to frequent children homes, orphanages and other special facilities where the less fortune kids find refuge


Though many people don’t feel up to it, we should all aim to make life better for kids especially the ones that aren’t so lucky. You don’t have to give expensive gifts, just visiting and showing them that someone out there actually cares for them

You never know what a kid will be in the future but just imagine knowing that you contributed somewhere to helping that kid succeed in his endeavors it would make you happy right?

Do something today you can encourage such a kid, advice him or be there to listen to him. He will feel appreciated and know that someone cares for him.

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