Short Paragraph on Virtue (320 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Virtue !

Virtue or also known as humanity is a set of strengths in the human mankind which focuses on befriending others. The basic strengths associated with virtue are kindness, love and social intelligence.


However, it differs from person to person the strengths of these in them. Virtue is basically a quality of moral goodness.

Each one of us do have a set of moral principles that would rule us, but when we violate these virtues that we posses, we are in fact violating ourselves. There might be many situations where we may be put to a test on how to handle it and it all depends on the kind of virtue that we implement then, how the situation would be handled. Each action at a situation would reflect what we are and our character.

To have good virtues, one needs to have a goal, because every action is in pursue of achieving that goal. The goal is what makes us happy or gives us happiness. Therefore to get there, we take an action and that action has to be having a virtue in it.

Virtue could be put in two ways:


Intellectual virtue and oral virtue. Intellectual virtue is something that is gained through education and knowledge or observance. However, moral virtues are based on acts and it is our acts that determine us being good or bad. Some may enjoy being happy with intellectual virtue technique while others would prefer the moral kind.

Society keeps evolving and changing from time to time and the quality and personality also matters when being in a group. Virtue needs to be kept up by all of us and we need to make sure that we help in teaching the coming generations too, the value of good virtues. Try making virtues a habit and that would eventually become an inborn talent and would get you and people surrounding you, to better heights.

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