Short Paragraph on Natural Resources

Here is your short paragraph on Natural Resources !

We have been surrounded by plenty number of sources and resources. To make life more comfortable and better, man started using up the available natural sources and converting them to natural resources according to his interests.


In short a natural resource could be defined as materials of nature that has been put to some use by man for his growth, development or comfort. Some of the natural resources include air, water, forests, animals, soil, metals etc.

Most of the manmade compounds are composed of natural resources. With the large scale of usage of these resources, signs of depletion have started to show up and have resulted in much debate across the globe regarding natural resources.

Though some of the natural resources like sunlight and air are available everywhere, others may not be that easily available like the solar radiation, geothermal energy etc, which if not used wisely and carefully may end up being depleted.

Natural resources could be mainly classified based on their origins, renewability and stage of development. Resources based on origin include Biotic and Abiotic resources. Biotic resources are those that are obtained from the biosphere like animals, forests, coal and those that come from organic matter. Abiotic resources include those that are obtained from non-living materials like land, fresh water, heavy metals, air etc.


Apart from these two categories, the other two categories that are very common is the Renewable and non-renewable resources. Renewable resources are the ones that could be obtained naturally like the wind, air, sunlight etc that is obtained easily.

The nonrenewable resources are ones that could not be obtained easily and on being perished would be very difficult to obtain and takes a pretty long time to form. Fossil fuels, mineral are all examples of non renewable resources.

Man has to make sure that he uses the resources made available to him in moderation, so that he could use them in the coming years too without much debate and confusions.

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