Paragraph on Being in a Car Accident – by Jenny


Accidents are worst nightmares and to be in one is the worst of all. Accidents could occur at any point, anywhere and anyhow.

One just cannot get prepared or predict when it may happen. The only thing what one could do is pray that you get safe, if at all you happen to be in one.

Being in a car accident:


It was one of the most shocking incidents that did ever happen in my life. I was along with my family and we were all travelling to my cousin`s place, which was a bit away from our home. The journey was fine and smooth and in fact we were all enjoying the trip.

Suddenly, my dad happened to see a small traffic block, especially on a highway, at some distance ahead. He slowed down and we approached the place. We realized that it was a minor accident ahead of us and the cops were clearing the issue and just a few vehicles were behind the ones that had the minor accident.

Something alerted my dad and he just happened to look at his rear view mirror, while we were all talking and singing. He noticed a car that was honking just so wild and it was a tremendous speed. He sensed there was a danger and slightly moved our car to a side. In that very second, we hear a big crashing sound and many cars just flying and hitting each other!!! The car that came in high speed, lost control and just banged onto the row of cars in front of us!! Gosh, it was just a narrow escape for us.

It was moment of shock and shiver for us. Shattered glasses, broken and smashed metal, and blood all over the place!! God alone knows how many died and how many survived. We were there for some time as we were all shocked and terrified as not knowing what to do. Suddenly, my father regained his senses and turning back, he sees my mom all shivering in fear. We had to immediately rush to a nearby hospital, and calm down my mom, which did take some time, to get her back to a normal situation.


Ever since then, whenever we travel, not only my dad, but even we are on the alert and till today, the very thought of that accident, does make a shiver run through our spine.


One great lesson that we learnt from that incident is to be alert, even while having fun and above all pray to God, to keep you safe as it was truly a miracle that we survived the accident and I believe nobody else did, as it was one of the biggest accidents that I have seen or heard till date and I happen to witness it, which is truly a horrifying experience. God save the people and thank God for every moment in life as we never know what is in store for us.

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