Paragraph on Drug Abuse (224 Words)

Paragraph on Drug Abuse!

It has been observed that use of drugs has been increased especially among youth.


This is a matter of concern as it could cause many harmful effects. Proper education and guidance could safeguard themselves against these dangerous practices and lead a healthy life style.

Drug (French: Dorgue a dry herb) is the single active chemical entity present in a medicine that is used for diagnosis, prevention, treatment/cure of a disease.

This disease oriented definition of drug does not include contraceptives or use of drugs for improvement of health. WHO (1966) has given a more comprehensive definition “Drug is any substance or product that is used or is intended to be used to modify or explore physiological systems or pathological states for the benefit of the recipient.”

Drugs are normally used as medicines to help patients cope with mental illness like depression, insomnia and so on. But when drugs are taken for a purpose other than their normal clinical use in an amount, concentration or frequency that impairs one’s physical, physiological and psychological functions, it constitutes drug abuse.


The term “abuse” with respect to drug means (i) non-medical use (ii) non-prescribed use and (iii) use for having pleasure. A person, who takes a drug for a non-medical use is called drug abuser and drugs are called habituating drugs or addictive drugs.

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