Paragraph on How I Met My Special Friend – by Shanu

The start of an amazing journey in life:

Close fellowships are tricky to secure nowadays. In a perpetually changing world with individuals striving to attain their understanding of predetermined achievement, it is difficult to know who your actual companions are.


Numerous individuals continue asking me how you and your best friend met. Luckily, I discovered my best friend ahead of schedule at the young age of seven. We were selected at the same school.

The Angel’s Roses:

Samantha and I acclimated as both of us were in the same class and sat next to one another. Samantha was a giddy young woman who constantly figured out how to inhale natural air into the bone-dry classroom. She generally comprehended what to say and would voice them at the best conceivable minutes. Both understudies and educators apparently delighted in her organization and vivacity. There was barely ever a dull minute when she was around with her interesting jokes and statements.

Samantha was conceived with a silver spoon. Her father was a representative and her mother ran a boutique. Both her guardians were extremely minding towards her, as she, much the same as I, was the main offspring of the family. Samantha came to class every day with an unending grin. She was an extremely decent individual to be with. She and I used to go all over together and both of us were seldom seen separated. We used to discuss such a large number of things as we strolled, altogether appreciating our time together.


Dreams of Rose:

One day, I went to class and neglected to approach my guardians for lunch money. Right away, I was not eager and thought whether I could bear going without a dinner, however soon my stomach started to snarl. Without asking, Samantha liberally paid for my supper and beverages amid break. The occurrence uncovered to me that I was so fortunate to have such a minding and merciful companion.

The Shadowy Magic:

Now Samantha and I are learning at diverse schools. It was tricky to be separated from the beginning, however innovation as texting and messages have served to conquer any hindrance in our kinship. It is elusive a companion like that. Without her, I would not be as euphoric as I am presently. Through great and awful times, I am certain that for eternity we will remain companions.

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