Paragraph on How to Plan a Perfect Party – by Anand


Planning a perfect party is a difficult task but not impossible. It requires a lot of patience and also managerial skills.

A perfect party makes everyone happy and also helps people to socialize.


Planning a perfect party requires taking into account a number of aspects like occasion, venue, guest list, food, arrangements, activities etc.

Occasion Based Party:

To throw a perfect party, one must understand the occasion carefully. The theme and background of the party varies on different occasions like birthdays, anniversary, farewells, reunions, felicitation etc. Parties on birthdays and reunions are more of a casual nature than the parties relating to felicitation, gala dinners, etc. Marriage anniversary parties entail a large number of guests and thus the theme changes accordingly into something in which everyone can adjust.

The Venue:

Deciding the ideal venue is a must for a perfect party. A party without a venue is no party at all. Venues could be banquet halls, restaurant rooms, home, office building etc. The occasion for which the party is being thrown determines the venue. The venue must be accommodating and airy. It should be properly lighted and neatly arranged for the party.

Invitation Cards:

Designing invitation cards and sending them over to the guests for the purposes of invitation to the party makes a good impression and ensures that the party is a great success. Invitation cards are to be designed keeping in mind the occasion. They are usually printed in a bulk and extra in number in case of any emergency.

Guest List:


Preparation of the guest list is another prerequisite for every perfect party. One must make a list of the tentative number of guests so as to send the invitation cards to them. A guest list is prepared very meticulously keeping in mind the availability and schedules of the persons to be invited.


No perfect party is complete without food and drinks. Food and drinks are the life and soul of a perfect party. The quantity of food is to be decided by the party giver keeping in mind the total number of guests who are supposed to arrive for the party. A quality menu ensures that people go home satisfied and the party is a success.

Fun Activities:

Fun and frolic are an integral part of every perfect party. They bring everyone in the party together and engage each one of them. Activities should be decided according to the age group of the guests invited. A young crowd would like to engage in activities involving fun and laughter like dumb charades, Pictionary, scrabble etc. whereas a group of middle age people would like to engage in activities like playing cards etc.


Throwing the perfect party is a difficult task and requires a lot of planning and arrangement but it is also a lot of fun and exciting. It brings people closer and builds up one’s social circle. If the party is a success then everyone appreciates the effort and one’s reputation as a party thrower rises.

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