Paragraph on My Best Friend: My Father – by Shanu

My father is person who saves me from all the difficulties in my life.

A person, who helps me, guides me to overcome all the problems in my life.


He is who has the solution for all the issues of my life. No, I am not talking about a magician or a superhero; this is what my dad is for me. He is the light of my life. Whenever there is some challenge in my life, I always draw inspiration from him.

He is the most patient, funny, smart and industrious person. My father is my best friend because like any best friend he always listens patiently to any of my problems no matter how inane they are and helps me in solving it.

The Ideal Person:

It is said that nobody is perfect; however, I would strongly disagree with this. My father is the ideal person in the world. He is quite a special person and likewise everything he does have a unique charm in it. Whether it is his way of dressing, the manner in which he speaks, the way he simplifies each problem of life, there is something that is exceptional about him. He believes in doing things perfectly, and this is one quality of his that I strive to develop in myself.

Whenever I come with a question about something that I do not understand, my helpful and wonderful father very patiently explain it to me till I completely get it. This is why I say that my father is my best friend.

What makes him so unique?


My father is a very resourceful person. He is very intelligent and at the same time wise. He is the driving force in my life. He has always understood each and every difficulty of my life. Sometimes when I have to complete a difficult school assignment which I do not fully understand, he patiently sits out with me and helps me with it. My father is a very busy person as he works in a multinational company, yet miraculously he somehow always takeout some time for me.

He is a very caring and nice person. At the same time, he is also strict with his guidelines though I know that he always has my best interests in his heart. Also, my dad is very fun to be around. I have noticed how people enjoy his company. He has this magical charm around him, this persona which makes everyone like him the moment they meet him.

Manager of a Special Crew:

My father manages each and every problem of our family. He is the one who always has a solution to various problems of life. I always try to learn and implement each and every one of his advices. My father is everything for me, friend, a guide, and teacher. It is said that for children, a father is their first role model but I would say that my father is not only my role model he is my first super hero. It is always interesting to listen to him. If there is one person on whom I can rely blindly, it is my father. He is the person that I want to be similar to when I grow up.

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