Paragraph on My Childhood Home – by Anand


My childhood home was where I spent almost my entire childhood growing up and building new memories each day.

My home was the most wonderful place for me in the world and I still have very fond memories of the place.

Description of My Home:


I was born in an old town where my father worked as an employee of the Government. I don’t remember every little detail from my childhood. Our house was a Government employee’s quarter where I lived with my parents, grandparents and my little brother. There was a lawn besides the verandah of our house where my brother and I played all day.

I remember a banyan tree in our backyard and an old lady who used to reside in a small house behind ours. She always used to sit on a rocking chair in the verandah of her house in the evening. At the same time, the neighbourhood ice-cream van used to pass by honking loudly. The market was also close-by where my grandpa used to take me for an evening stroll.

The Backyard:

Our backyard was a big area comprising many trees and shrubs that were planted by my father. The backyard was neatly kept and the gardener came on every alternate day to ensure the same. There was a huge banyan tree in the east corner of our backyard under which I used to play with my toys. There was a drain connecting our backyard to the main drain in the street. During heavy rains, the excessive water flowed out through this outlet.

The Dining Hall:

Our dining hall was attached to the kitchen and was the liveliest part of the house. It always bustled with people at all times of the day. It was the place where the whole family sat for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My father always occupied the farthest end of the dining table as he was the head of the family. My mother used to set the table and call us all for lunch and supper.

My Reading Room:


My reading room was my most favourite place in the house. My reading room was a small, cozy room with a big teakwood desk, a table lamp, two huge bookshelves and a fireplace. It was the only place in the entire house which is cut off from the voices of the family members. This room once belonged to my grandfather who used to be an avid reader. His huge collection of novels, books, encyclopedias, plays etc. has been passed down to my father.

The table lamp, though old and rusty, still brightens up the whole room. There are two oil paintings embedded on the two opposite walls of the room and a miniature wooden sculpture of one of the greatest minds of the 21st century, Albert Einstein. The room becomes most comfortable for reading during the chilly winters when I start the fire in the fireplace and read while wrapped up in my blanket.


My childhood home was thus a beautiful and lovely place. It was where I grew up, studied, played, sulked, and made many memories. The memories of my childhood home will always remain with me.

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