Paragraph on My Dream House – by Soumyajeet


The house is the mirror reflection of the people in it. A house perfectly reflects the interests and mindsets of its owners while at the same time being somewhat agreeable with the culture of the land.

Nowadays Americanization of everything has resulted in the vast number of flats and apartments but a bungalow or a small cottage has its own charm.

The House I Dream of:


The house I dream of will be a crisp English cottage in all respects. There will be a lot of open space. The large wheeled gates will lead to lush green lawns on both sides of the tight gravel driveway. The lawns on one side will have a cane sitting arrangements for morning tea in the summers. The other lawn will have a flowerbed boasting of the seasonal blooms.

At the back of the house, where the kitchen will open there will be a kitchen garden and a concrete backyard, where I can play with my football. The driveway shall lead to the portico of the house and then heavy oak doors with a brass knocker, like in English classic movies.

Once inside the door, one will find himself in a huge hall, decorated with medieval antiques from all over the world. There will be a large sofa set to seat twenty people and a home theatre system with an LED screen. One side of the hall would lead to the kitchen, another to my grandparents’ room, one to a storeroom, two bathrooms and a large alcove will be preserved for the family deities, this time, like the Hindi movies.

Towards the other end of the hall, two flights of staircases would lead to a common landing with glass banisters and photographed walls, the common landing will lead to another flight of stairs and finally to the first floor. The corridor of the first floor will be open, like an indoor balcony so that one can see the hall from up there.


The top floor will have my room facing the lawn, my elder sister’s room, a guest room and my parents’ room, all with attached bathrooms and studies. The flooring will be white Italian marble. My room will have glass doors and will be painted cream and crimson. The hall will also have a gigantic chandelier suspended from its two floor high roof.


I know it is a very expensive dream for a middle class Indian boy but still with God’s grace and perseverance on my part, let’s see, how fast can I live in my dream house?

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