Paragraph on My Everyday Activities – by Anand


My everyday activities begin from the time I wake up till the time I go to bed. They span from anything to everything.

My everyday activities ensure that I don’t become lazy and stay active. With the help of my systematic everyday activities, I save myself a lot of time and also keep healthy.

Beginning of the Day:


I am usually an early riser. I wake up at around 6 am in the morning and start my day with a prayer. After completing all my morning chores, my mother bring out my school uniform and my bag. I get ready almost instantly. Then, I have my breakfast and go to school. I go to school by the school bus. It is a very fun experience travelling in the school bus as me and my friends play all sorts of pranks on each other.

At school, we get serious and study during class hours. I always visit my school library and spend some time there during the breaks. When the school gets over, we play football for sometime till the bus picks us up. And then I finally come back home.

Activities after School:

I reach home during lunch time and have lunch with my whole family. After lunch, I don’t go to sleep immediately. I read some book or the other till I feel sleepy. I sleep for a couple of hours and then go out to play cricket with the children of our colony. We break someone’s glass almost every day. After playing, I come back home and get myself all washed up. I have snacks and sit down to study.


My mother sits beside me reading the newspaper when I study. She also checks my homework. Since I love painting, I usually spare thirty minutes every evening to paint. I draw anything that comes to my mind, from a sunflower to scenery.

Late Evening Activities:

My father reaches home at about 8 pm in the evening. After he freshens up, I go to him and ask him about his day at work. Then we sit for some time together, when he tells me about the news of that day and asks me various general knowledge questions. My mother serves dinner at 9 pm. We have dinner and then I play chess or Pictionary with my brother before retiring to the bed.


My everyday activities cover various different kinds of activities. Some of them are interesting and some of them are boring. But they overall make my day feel wonderful. When I go to sleep at night, I keep thinking of all that I am going to do the following day.

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