Paragraph on My School Garden- by Rajan Karle


My school garden is one such place that attracts me all the time. I used to go to that garden since my first day in school.

I never miss the opportunity to play in that garden.



Not all schools have their own garden. Especially the schools which are located in the central part of a city and have no playgrounds and gardens. To my fortune, my school is placed outside the city area and therefore it has a big playground as well as one beautiful garden.


My school garden is situated at the back of the school building. It is very big. It is around five acres of ground on which the garden is created. It is surrounded with high walls so that no outside person can enter it. Only school students are permitted to use the garden. It has a rectangular shape. There is an iron gate in the corner.


My school garden has four segments. Each segment has its unique importance. Previous students of my school have planted trees of mango, orange, and guava in one segment. We don’t get the opportunity to eat their fruits because we are restricted to throw stones on a tree. However, our principal orders the school peons to climb the trees for collecting the fruits. Those fruits are equally distributed among the classrooms. In this way, we enjoy eating the organic fruits that are from the school garden.

Flower plants:

A wide range of flower plants are in another segment of the garden. They are planted by the school girls and teachers. These plants possess extremely beautiful flowers. These flower plants are seasonal. We need to place newer plants twice a year. These plants stay alive for almost six months. They provide tremendously beautiful flowers through this short period. Our school teachers teach us importance of planting trees. They help us recognize the facts about certain rare plants.

Study Area:


There is a big study area located in one segment of the garden. Many students carry study by sitting there. I and my friends use this place to read comic books. We are not allowed to make any noise at this place.

Play Area:

The fourth segment of the garden is reserved for playing. It consists of lots of play tools such as sea-saw. We also play different games at this place. One of our favorite games is the hide and seek.


At my school garden, we carry out several activities such as studying, playing, planting trees, etc. This place plays an important role in making our minds fresh. We forget the burdens of our studies when we play in the garden.


I think every school must possess one garden similar to my school garden. Me and my friends always take good care of the garden by watering the plants.

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