Paragraph on “Teachers Day” – by Rajan

Teacher’s day is an occasion when we express our respect towards the teachers in our life. It is a day to show our thankfulness.

On this day, we heartily appreciate the efforts of our honorable teachers.



Teacher is not someone who teaches us but he is someone who makes our life meaningful. In India, we celebrate this day on 5th September. This is the birth date of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.


Dr. Radhakrishnan was a son of India. He was a professor by profession who later became the Vice-President of our country. He also took the responsibility of President after the death of our first president Dr. Rajendra Prasad.


Our teachers help us in many ways. They often seem restless to aid us in troubling situations.

The celebration of this day progresses in a simple manner. Teachers and students unite together in the school and begin the celebration.


Teachers always assist us to step forward. They elevate our character and often motivate us to face the hardest situations in life. They must be honored properly.

This day has got tremendous importance in every school. The preparation of this day starts almost one week ago like on 1st September. Students clean the entire school premises. They remove dust from the walls of classrooms. School peons help them in decorating the classrooms and ground.

In our school, we apply a special technique and distribute the whole work among boys and girls. Girls need to clean the floor while boys clean ceiling portion. We require money for celebrating this day. Every student puts forward a little amount of money from his pocket-money.

We spend this money for purchasing beautiful colorful flowers, decoration material, coconut fruits and many other things.

We decorate classrooms using colorful ribbons. Girls draw eye-catching Rangoli on ground. Some artistic students draw the image of Maharshi Vyas on blackboard. They also write a “Guru Mantra” below to the image.

Students who have good communication skills prepare some speeches. Girls who have good voice prepare for singing some songs. In this way, our preparation for the teacher’s day lasts for a week.

To start the actual function, we sing a Guru Mantra in front of our teachers. Then, some students deliver the speeches. Throughout their speech they dictate the value of teachers in our life. Then, we take oath to respect our teachers. We distribute flowers and a coconut fruit among our teachers. We bend in front of them and say “Guruve Namaha”. We promise them that we would rank higher in the coming exams. We feel proud after bringing a smile on our teacher’s face.

We try our level best for making this day memorable for our teachers. At the end of celebration, our teachers appreciate the efforts made by all of us.


Teachers shape the lives of students that they persuade, since the education refined from teachers stays forever amid their students. We must respect our teachers in a way we respect our parents. They are the one who teach, scold and direct us after our parents. We should encourage our teachers by celebrating teacher’s day.

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