Paragraph on the Importance of Salt – by Jenny


Salt has, and is always an important and essential commodity required by people for their development in a civilized society.


From the early days itself salt was considered as the sole factor for preserving food for longer periods and it was then, found in plenty in red meat. Gradually when cultivation advanced, salt was then produced using various techniques in different countries. Today also salt is produced in different ways across different countries.

The Significance of Salt in a nutshell:

Why is salt considered to be very much significant? Salt has its own importance in almost all sectors of life. Table salt or also known as rock salt is very much important for human life. If salt content is not present in the body, our cells could get dehydrated easily and die. Similarly, salt is an important factor for ocean life too. Salt is an important component in almost all industries, like for example in setting of dyes in fabrics, in the production of soap, in the manufacture of paper and pulp, etc.

The underground formation of salt helps in trapping petroleum in the crust thereby enabling in the search of new resources for oil and gas. The most important role is while being used for preserving food. Salt helps in absorbing the moisture thereby keeping bacteria away from food being spoilt and is the safest preservative that humans could use. Thus it has been proved that, in almost all parts of life and existence, salt is definitely an important factor.


Importance of Salt in Human Body:

Why is salt important for our body? There are so many functions that are carried out with the help of presence of salt in our body. Salt helps in retaining water content in our body. It helps in passing electrolytes within our body and sends signals when body requires water. Another important function that salt does is stimulating muscle contraction thereby keeping it away from cramps and also helps in preventing sunstroke and heat prostration. Our Digestive system is complex and salt helps in the process and absorption of nutrients during digestion.

Lack of salt in our body is definitely dangerous. Blood pressure levels could fail and could lead to severe dehydration and also cause disturbances in the acid- base balance and tissue -water balance in the body. Salt is definitely required for the body, but in moderate doses as too much could also lead to several other problems.

Daily Uses of Salt:

There are many wonderful uses of salt in our day to day life. Salt is an important ingredient in the kitchens and so it is a good disinfectant. Fruits and vegetables are best treated with salt water, coffee and tea stains removed with the help of salt being scrubbed on them helps in removing tough stains from vessels and so on. Salt is another major ingredient when it comes to cleaning.

Marble tops, kitchen counters, etc. could be cleaned well with salt scrub, removes stains from tubs and sinks, prevents colours from being washed away from clothes, keeps pests like ants away when being sprinkled on places where they are seen. Salt is also used as a good medication ingredient. For sore throats, bee stings, to relieve foot ache etc. salt is widely used.


Thus salt is a vital ingredient in almost all aspects of life and when being used in moderation, it is like a wonder substance that keeps everything in balance.

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