Paragraphs on Bad Habits that Lead to Ill Health

Some bad habits that lead to ill health are smoking, drinking of alcohol, taking drugs and tobacco.


Tobacco is very harmful as it contains nicotine. Tobacco is chewed alone or with paan or smoked as cigarettes, beedis (Fig. 9.5), hubble-hubble (hookah) Chewing of tobacco can lead to oral cancer of mouth and throat. Smoking is a bad habit, throat.


Smoking can lead to high blood pressure, breathing problems, lung and trachea cancer.


Some common alcoholic products like beer, whisky, rum, gin and vodka are generally consumed by a large group of population. Alcohol retards mental ‘ activities and effects the nervous system. A drunkard person walks clumsy. A person driving under the influence of alcohol has more chances of accident because his judgment becomes poor on road due to less co-ordination among the body systems.


A medicine is a drug which is taken by the people for the treatment and cure the diseases. All medicines are drugs as they cure us against the infections. There are many drugs which are not medicines and are very dangerous for the health, these drugs are heroin, smack, marijuana, cocaine and opium. If any one out of these drugs is taken regularly by an individual he becomes addict, showing nausea, nervousness and pain in stomach as symptoms.

Prevention of Diseases:

We should take certain following steps to prevent the diseases:


1. We should be very much careful regarding our personal cleanliness by taking regular bath with a good soap or shampoo.

2. Teeth should be brushed after every meal.

3. Before every meal hands should be washed properly with germicidal soap.

4. Exposed food items to flies at home or from markets should not be used.

5. Drinking water should not be left uncovered.

6. Utensils, clothing and food articles of patient should be kept isolated.

7. We should cover dustbins.

8. We should not leave any stagnant water around our house or in coolers (unchanged for longtime) because this promotes breeding of mosquitoes.

9. We should avoid to use bathroom and lavatories of railway stations and cinema halls.

10. Spraying of disinfectants and insecticides should be done in house time to time.

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