Short Paragraph on Guru Gobind Singh’s Birth Anniversary

Here is your short paragraph on Guru Gobind Singh’s Birth Anniversary:

This occurs in the month of December-January. The festival shares equal importance with Guru Nanak’s birthday as a principal event in the Sikh calendar.


Guru Gobind Singh was born at Patna in Bihar on 26 December, 1666, but he spent most of his life in the Shivalik Hill of the Punjab. He had built Anandpur Sahib as a great centre of his organisation.

Mogul tyranny had rendered the lives of Sikhs and Hindus unbearable, leaving them with no other option but to embrace Islam or face an inglorious beheading.

After his father had given up his life, but not his faith, Guru Gobind Singh resolved that not only the souls of people were to be purified, but also their muscles had to be strengthened for self defence as well as for protection of the weak. He said “For this purpose was I born to defend the holy and to destroy evil doers”

Guru Gobind Singh was the last of the Gurus and founded the Khalsa or the Militant Sikh Order. Guru Gobind Singh had categorically made it clear that there would no living Guru after him and that Guru Granth Sahib would be the guiding force for the community. “It is with this faith that the sacred book is worshipped like a living guru.


It is with this faith and conviction, when it is installed in any gurdwara, it becomes sacred place of worship. On this day, dia­logue on the Guru’s activities as reformer and great saint are retold. Procession march, lectures and ceremonies are held. It occurs in the month of Paush (Decem­ber-January).

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