Paragraph on Overpopulation (440 Words)

Here is your paragraph on Overpopulation !

Overpopulation is a major issue all around the world. If population continues to grow at the current rate our planet will be unable to sustain its population.


Overpopulation also leads to shortage of resources such as crops and water. Overpopulation also affects the standard of living of people.

Lack of money makes it very difficult for people to survive in this world. In overpopulated country people die due to lack of fundamental resources like health care, food and water.

Major consequences of overpopulation-

  • Lack of food to eat
  • Lack of quality of air to breathe
  • Lack of oil, gas and petroleum
  • Depletion of Ozone layer
  • Overcrowding
  • Deforestation (studies have revealed that every year 8 million hectares of forests are destroyed due to rapid increase in population)
  • Limits on water consumption
  • Habitat destruction
  • Habitat fragmentation
  • Extinction of species
  • Noise pollution
  • Unemployment
  • Corruption
  • Inflation
  • Soil contamination
  • Hindrance towards the economic growth of the country
  • Global warming (it is the major concern out of all)
  • Increase in desertification (due to property rights)
  • Political and demographic problem (especially in United States and Europe)
  • High infant & child mortality rate
  • Lack of medical resources
  • Starvation & Malnutrition (due to poverty- as a result of bad economic policies)
  • Low life expectancy ratio (due to malnutrition)

Steps should be taken to overcome the problem of overpopulation. The best way to overcome overpopulation is to spread knowledge. People should know the benefits they can enjoy with low population. World’s most populous countries are- China, India, The Unites States, Indonesia, Brazil & Russia. 25% of the population growth worldwide is the result of unwanted or accidental pregnancies. If this continues to happen in about 150 years the current population will reach to an absurd level of 296 billion.


By the year 2030 it is expected that urban population will reach a figure of 4.9 billion. While rural population is expected to decline by 28 million. It is calculated that worldwide population is growing with a figure of 2, 00,000 people every day. Out of this only 17% are residing in industrialized countries.

People aging 60 & above accounts for around 10-15% of the world’s population. This percentage is expected to increase further to 20-30% by the end of 2050. To overcome the problems associated with overpopulation several steps are taken every year bt the Central and State governments of the overpopulated countries.

Benefits of low population-

  • Peace for all
  • Quick work done
  • Employment for all
  • No corruption
  • Honesty
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Law abiding citizens in the country
  • No more desertification
  • No more inflation
  • Abundance of medical resources
  • Abundance of fuel
  • Availability of quality food
  • Availability of clean drinking water

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