Short Paragraph on My Examination (470 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my examination:

Sitting in an examination hall is like facing great tension, excitement, torture and mental agony, even if you are the highest percentage scorer of the class.


While I am in the examination room I find the prying & suspicious looks of the examiners & the invigilators highly discouraging.

The biggest fear of losing time constantly haunts inside the minds of the students like a ghost. The word “examination” in itself sends shivers to the student’s spine whether it is a home or a public examination. Even those who are brilliant and meritorious suffer from exam phobia.

Sitting in an examination hall is my old enemy since I was a child. I started my school with an admission examination. I faced my 1st public examination in 2010 which was conducted by the CBSE or Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. At that time my mind was totally gripped with all kinds of fear.

I would like to share my board examination fear. The exam started on 4th April 2010. I still remembered that day which was 3rd April 2010 (a day before my board exam started). In the evening I went to see my examination center with my family.


My examination center was St. Mary’s Convent Senior Secondary School, New Delhi. It was 6 km away from my home. My parents assured me that they will drop me to that school in our car during my examination while going to office.

Finally the day arrived. I woke up earlier than usual revised my notes and took bath. I was highly confused & upset because of the big syllabus. My parents advised me to relax and stop revising more and take proper breakfast before leaving.

I dropped my notes, had proper breakfast, smiled (forcefully) and went into the car to start my journey towards the examination center. After reaching there we saw a big crowd of students with their guardians outside.

I was happy to see my friends and wished them luck. Everybody was nervous which was seen on their faces. We moved inside to see my roll number and class room on the board. After 5 minutes the bell rang. My parents wished me luck and I went inside the classroom where my seat was placed.

There was a perfect deadly silence & stillness. After 15 minutes another bell rang after which the invigilators distributed answer books to all the students. I filled the columns and wrote my roll no over it. I read all the instructions and searched my pockets to make sure that I had no objectionable thing or paper inside. After that we got the question papers. I prayed to God before reading the questions and asked him to give me courage and confidence to answer the questions.

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