Monsoon Winds: Paragraph on the Monsoon Winds of India

Here is your paragraph on the Monsoon Winds of India!

The term monsoon has been derived from the Arabic mausin or from the Malayan monsin or the Arabic world ‘mausam’ meaning ‘season’.


Thus the monsoons are seasonal winds which reverse their direction of flow with the change of season. They flow from sea to land during the summer and from land to sea during winter.

In other words, the monsoon is a double system of seasonal winds, that is, the sum of summer and winter winds. There seems to be a lack of agreement on a precise definition of the monsoon and different scholars have tried to define the monsoon winds in different ways.

According to A.A. Rama Sastry, “Monsoons are large scale seasonal wind systems flowing over vast areas of the globe, persistently in the same direction, only to be reversed with the change of season.” H.G. Dobby is of the opinion that “reversal of wind system is the key-note of the monsoonal” climate”. The reversal of the monsoon wind system is fully emphasised by Conrad.

According to him, “a true thermal Monsoon demands a complete reversal of winds that is an angle of about 180° between the dominant winds at extreme seasons”. This is further elaborated by P.A. Menon, when he expressed the opinion that “the main criterion used in demarcating the monsoon areas is the reversal of wind systems between summer and winter”.


Thus between July and January there should be a shift of nearly 180° in the prevailing wind direction with seasonal wind showing high degree of steadiness. The reversal of monsoon winds takes place in a definite manner keeping rhythm with change of season.

Therefore, it is often said that rhythm is the key-note of the monsoonal climate. Some scholars tend to treat the monsoon winds as land and sea breezes on a large scale. Koppen (1923), Hann (1932) and Angot (1943) believe that the “monsoons represent simply a land and sea breeze on a large scale, and that the annual period of the monsoon corresponds to the diurnal period of the breezes”

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