Short Paragraph on My Experience in Rain (437 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my experience in rain:

I love rains and I believe that rains are blessings to all the living beings on earth. Rains always give us memories-sometimes good and sometimes bad.


Rains could be of big advantage if we could control it & bring it to a place where we really need it. But unfortunately rain is an element of nature which is beyond the control of mankind.

We may face rainy day when we do not like it. Likewise I too had my experience in the rain last year when I decided to visit my sister’s place. It was a Sunday & l decided in advance to enjoy that day to the fullest. On Saturday evening I decided to visit my sister’s place at Thriuttani and give her a big surprise. Thriuttani is seventy five km away from my place. I woke up early and decided to leave at 6 AM from my house.

Though the weather was cloudy I decided to continue with my plan and start my journey. As the sky was dark, threatened and smoky I decided to travel in the bus instead of car. After 30 minutes of my journey it started raining like it rained never before.

I peeped outside the window people were running here and there to look around for shelter. The roads were flooding and traffic came to standstill. After 15 minutes the visibility was also reduced to a few miles. Our bus got stuck up in the rain and the headlights failed to pierce the thick water sheets.


The temporary structures for the shops at the roadside dripped. People inside the buses and shops were no way better than those on the road. The situation became worse and I was very afraid and helpless. I was totally zapped to see the view outside my bus. The chairs, small tables, stools and benches kept outside the stalls and shops began floating in the rising water streams. Poor hawkers were running behind their articles.

I saw a man outside. He was running to hold a bench flowing in the rain water but failed to do so. That day it rained for almost 5 hours and I was badly stuck inside the bus along with other passengers. At last the rain stopped.

I was so much afraid that I decided to go back to home instead of continuing my journey. After the roads were cleared I stepped out of the bus, hired a taxi and returned back home. It was a horrible experience and I can never forget that fearful experience of the rain.

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