Paragraph on Venkatachalapathy Temple (453 Words)

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Located on a range of the Eastern Ghats, called the Seven Hills, it is an ancient temple glorified by the saints and poets.


Tirupati is said to be the richest temple in India, with a grand history spanning several centuries. It attracts pilgrims from all over the country and it is not unusual for pilgrims to stand in queues for hours to obtain a fleeting glimpse of the presiding deity.

Tirupati is a town in the Chittoor district of the southern Andhra Pradesh and is at a convenient train journey from Chennai. Tirumala, the last of the seven hills, is home to this temple.

The deity worshiped at Tirupati is Venkatachalapati. The image is that of a 10 feet high sthanaka or standing figure of Vishnu on a lotus pedestal. The image is said to be a personification of perfection. Lakshmi forms an integral part of this image, which is decorated with flowers and ornamented with several precious jewels.

Venkatachalapati is the only moolavar in the sanctum and this is said to be the only eka murthy temple of Vishnu in India. There are other processional deities in the temple. Malayappan Swamy is the processional idol or the utsava murthy. This image in a standing posture again is a replica of the mula vigraham.


Inscriptions describing this image date back to the 14th century AD. Ugra Srinivasa and Koluvu Srinivasa (Durbar Srinivasa) are two other idols in the sanctum. There is also an idol of Krishna, along with idols of Rama, Sita, and Lakshmana. Rekha Rajgopala informs that the temple covers about two acres.

The sampangi pradakshinam is the outer circumambulatory path, while the inner paths are called vimana pradakshinam and the mukkoti pradakshinam.

The kalyana mandapam is located in the vimana pradakshinam and it dates back to the 16th century. This mandapam has several features reflecting the brilliance of the Vijayanagar architecture. There are several carved figures on the granite pillars.

Shrines to Yoga Narasimha and Ramanuja are found in the pradakshinam. In front of the sanctum is the Tirumani mandapam, a hall with a door of gold. The Mukkoti pradakshinam or the innermost circumambulatory path is open only on the vaikunta ekadasi day each year.

The sanctum or the garba gritham, which is just behind the sayana mandapam (mukha mandapam) is a 12 feet square chamber housing the idol. The sanctum is crowned with a golden vimanam or tower, the Ananda nilaya vimanam or the abode of bliss. This three tiered vimanam is about 38 feet high.

It is believed that celestial entities, such as Brahma and others worship Venkatachalapati. To help them worship, all articles of worship are left open in the sanctum.

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