Short Paragraph on My New Bicycle


Here is your short paragraph on My New Bicycle!

Bicycles are common and almost every kid has a bicycle. I too had been longing for one and I kept telling my parents that I wanted one.

But they were first not very much willing, considering the risks and dangers. Almost all my friends have bicycles and I really wanted one.


On my last birthday, I was presented with a new bicycle by my parents. I was so very excited and thrilled, that I really did not know what I should be doing!!! It was a new BSA SLR cycle and was an advanced version. It had so many added features and was looking very stylish. I immediately got on it and started to ride. It was so much fun and I was all excited.

I rode the cycle to almost all my friends’ house in the neighborhood and showed them my new present. They all liked it very much and asked me to give them for a ride. Though at first I was a bit hesitant, I then decided to share. We all had so much fun riding the cycle. My parents also bought a helmet, so that I could wear it while riding and save myself from any kind of accidents.


The cycle is black and red in color and looks very beautiful. I clean it daily and make sure that it is in fine condition, before I start my day. I go to school these days on my new bicycle and everybody in school also likes it very much. It has great space at its back and this helps me to keep my school bag safely and tidily when I drive to school and come back. Its wheels are also great with its grip, so that the chances of falling down are less.

Since cycling is a good exercise too, I love going for cycling too. This bicycle of mine is just priceless and would be treasured, as this is one gift that my parents gave me, without me preparing for it. The excitement and joy is really great and we thank God for his blessings.

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