Short Paragraph on My Country (Bangladesh)


Here is your short paragraph on My Country (Bangladesh) !

Bangladesh is my country. I love my country very much. It is located towards south-east part of Asia.

In 1971 Bangladesh became independent after the duration of 9 month’s bloody war of independence.


To free the country around 30 lacks people sacrificed their lives Now Bangladesh is a sovereign and independent country like many other countries of the world. The capital city of Bangladesh is Dhaka.

Bangladesh is a small agricultural country with the total land area of 1, 47,570 Sq kms. The majority of residents are engaged in farming. Besides, there are artists, engineers, businessmen, potters, doctors, weavers, fishermen etc. The people greatly contribute to the country’s national economy.


Majority of the population are Muslims. Besides, there are Buddhists & Christians & many other tribal communities that make the country an abode of variety. The common language is “Bangla” which was gain in 1952. Women mainly wear salwar kameez & saree. Men wear paijama, loongi, pants-shirt, Panjabi etc. The staple food is dal & fish with Rice. Different kinds of cakes, hotch potch, bread, sweet meats are also taken here. The 4 main rivers are Bangladesh are- Jamuna, Padma, Brahmaputra & Meghna.

The famous places of Bangladesh are St. Martin Island etc., the Ruins of Buddhist-Bihara, Cox’s Bazar sea Beach, kuakata, the Sundarbans etc. Bangladesh is blessed with many artists and poets. The main poets are Samsur Rahman, Jasim Uddin, Kazi Nazrul Islam and Mc. Madhushudhan. The main artists are Rafiqun Nabi, Jainul Abedin, Hashem Khan and Kamrul Hasan. The constitutional name of the country is “People Republic of Bangladesh”. Before 1971 Bangladesh was Pakistan’s province & was known as East Pakistan. The resident of the country were tired and valiant to free Bangladesh from the harsh treatment of Pakistan’s ruler. Being a small country Bangladesh is still the most densely populated country all around the globe.

According to statistics in the year 2011 the total population of Bangladesh is above 160 million people. Bangladeshis faces a lot of financial crisis. Many old traditions are followed by the local residents. People celebrate various festivals such as Pahela Baishakh, EID UL AZHA and EID UL FITAR. Bangladesh has an attractive natural beauty. It is a river irrigated land. The main crops of the country are- Tea, Cotton, Jute, Fruit, Rice, Sugar cane etc. Royal Bengal Tiger is the country’s national beast. Hadudu is the national game of Bangladesh. The national bird is Doyel. Shapla is the national flower. Jack fruit is the national fruit. I feel proud to be a part of such a beautiful country. I pray to God to help my country to overcome the financial crisis.

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