Being in a respectable and responsible position is not an easy task. It does require lot of responsibilities to be fulfilled.

Such one post or designation is being the Education Minister of India and if I were to be one, I would take the full responsibility for the future of the country as, I decide what, how and when the youth would be studying and understanding for their future.

I definitely understand that I have a very important role to play in deciding the education system of my country and how well it could be taken forward from time to time.

What if I were the Education Minister:

Every country plans their education system for the betterment of the country. Also one needs to make sure that every child needs to be educated to make the nation stronger and knowledgeable. As a Minister, I would first make sure that the Government assigns me sufficient fund for my tasks to be carried out. Would make plans in such a manner that every child in the country gets educated irrespective of being rich or poor. The system of taking huge amounts of money in the name of donation would be cut down to a limit that could be affordable by the common man.


Every institute needs to have the required facilities to function smoothly and that would be well taken care of. It would be made sure that the teachers and lecturers are all well trained and equipped to teach students. Bureaucratic and political interferences would not be tolerated under any circumstances. The examination system needs to be re-modified and it would be made on a kind of assessment strategy where the students are monitored and motivated round the year for better performances.


Good education is the basic key for great individuals and India needs a generation of great intellectual and skilled youth to take this country further down the road to great heights and it is my moral responsibility to ensure that with the power and rights given to me, I should be utilizing it to the fullest, for the benefits of the young generation of my country.