Paragraph on Water Pollution (364 Words)


Read this short paragraph on water pollution !

Next to air Water is one of the most important element essential for the existence of humans and other living things.

Water pollution is on the rise and more people continue carry out practices that pollute water bodies in one way or the other. There is need to find ways to cut down on water pollution and ensure that our bodies remain clean for our survival


Some of the ways water pollution occurs include the use of fertilizers and other chemicals by farmers as they try to make their crops better, dumping of waste products by factories and many other ways we are all guilt of like throwing rubbish where it’s not supposed to be.

Water pollution is dangerous and unhealthy to all the living things. Disposal of waste in water bodies exposes us to various health risks such as disease outbreaks, exposure to dangerous elements that could cause cancer, and affects the aquatic life.


Water pollution affects fish and other aquatic creatures. Some of the pollutants like chemicals are dangerous and leads to the death of these creature. This not only creates an imbalance in the ecosystem but could wipe out entire species of such creatures to extinction.

Appropriate measures need to be put in place to fight water pollution. Plants for sewage treatment should be built to ensure the proper disposal of human waste. Another measure that can help fight water pollution is encouraging farmers to use organic products that are environmental friendly.

People should be made aware of the importance of proper waste disposal and measures take to avoid water pollution.

Laws need to be put in place to guard against dumping of wastes and people who break such rules dealt with accordingly. With water being one of the most essential elements for survival, it’s important to ensure that ideal measures are taken to protect this important resource.

Polluted water may appear clean but contains chemicals and germs that could lead to many serious diseases

We all need to take action and ensure we are protecting one of our most valued resources. A world with clean water is a healthy place to live in.

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