Short Paragraph on My Family for Kids (372 Words)


Here is your short paragraph on my family for kids:

Family is a blessing that not many of us have or in some cases may not have a complete family.

Family is gift from God and a good family would always stay with each other, no matter what they may have to face.


Family is formed through the bonds between the members of the family. Family would consist of father, mother, and children. In some families there would also be the grandparents. A family is the first place where a child learns the basics of life. His character, culture, tradition and values are all taught within the family.

A child learns his early lessons from the members of the family and these lessons would be all through him through his lifetime. The character of a person forms within each family. The members of a family have equal responsibility in bringing up a well oriented and cultured kid, who would be the future generation.


Families have a wonderful bonding between themselves. They would stand for each other, no matter what the situation may be. Whenever you have a crisis or you are in a trouble, it is your family that would stand with you and help you get out of that trouble in all possible manners.

Family is the outcome of the sacrifice of the members within. Family is the formation or perfect bonding between the members of the family. They understand each other and guide each other in the right path and above all would support each other when ever needed.

Good families raise good children and families that are disoriented may not have good children. Families need to understand that forgiving and forgetting are the basic rule to keep a family going and ego and competition would only lead to the disruption of a family.

One need to build a family and it takes lot of care and nurturing to build a good family. Having a good family means having someone to turn to and having people around you who love and care for you and who you could also love and care and hold to in your life. Having a great family is the greatest blessings that anyone could have.

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