Read this paragraph about Christmas !

Christmas is one of the most celebrated days in the world. It’s celebrated with pomp and show on the 25th of every December.

It’s a sacred festival and is celebrated with enthusiasm and jollity. Christmas is a special day, it’s the day that many people remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. The celebration is characterized by the exchange of gifts between loved ones and mythical figures such as Santa Claus

On this special day, many people often visit orphans and the homeless as Christ did when he was on earth. Christmas is one of the earliest festivals that have been celebrated for years all over the world. The time of celebration varies in different countries, in the UK, the festive runs for 12 days after the Christmas day. During this period, people feast and make merry and this ends at the ends of the twelfth day,


During Christmas people enjoy shopping, meeting each other, among other fun activities. The celebration goes on until New Year’s Day. Many people use symbols to commemorate this special day and the Christmas tree is one of the mostly used symbols all over the world. People Cut or buy Christmas trees and decorate it to suit their mood. It’s under the Christmas tree that many people get to place gifts for one another. The gifts are often opened during Boxing Day which is on the 26th of December

In many countries, people organize parties, weeks before the Christmas day. There is often plenty to eat during this season. People also sing Christmas carols praising baby Jesus and to celebrate his life on earth


Many people enjoy the festive season since they get to relax from their busy schedules and spend time with their families. This is the time that people get to appreciate their loved ones and this is shown by showering each other with gifts and other niceties.

Christmas is certainly the best time of the year. Not only do you get to receive gifts from loved ones but it’s a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the man who died to save us all.