Short Paragraph on Natural and Man-made Disaster


Here is your short paragraph on Natural and Man-made Disaster.

In a country, especially a developing country like India, development activities take place at a fast rate. These lead to displacement of people whose native habitats are taken over for development.

Alongside the impact on the environment is extremely hazardous. The demands made on the environment by the growing population do not give nature the time for replenishment.


Hence ecological imbalances are occurring globally, which are deforestation, global warming, acid rain and ozone depletion, and which are causing concern to scientists and environmentalists. Due to its wide geographical variety, India is prone to many natural disasters like floods, droughts and earthquakes due to environmental destruction being caused.

A number of such natural and man-made disasters lead to the homelessness and joblessness of innumerable people.

Natural Causes:


Natural disasters like earthquakes and droughts lead to displacement of people. Such disasters cause immense damage and leave many helpless. These people need help in rehabilitation and resettlement. The tsunami that shattered many parts of coastal India is a recent example of a natural disaster that led to such a displacement.

Man-made Causes:

Man-made causes of displacement include construction of dams, power stations, industries and sanctuaries. Disaster like the Bhopal Gas Tragedy is an example of man-made disaster that left thousands of people homeless.

There are two ways in which the uncertainty of the displaced people can be met:

i. Resettlement and rehabilitation of victims of natural disasters.

ii. Resettlement and rehabilitation of people displaced by development activities.

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