Short Paragraph on “Global Warming”


The gradual increase of the average temperature on the Earth`s surface and its oceans, thereby creating a permanent change in the Earth`s climatic conditions is what is called Global Warming.

About two thirds of the temperature increase has happened since the 1980`s and still continues.

The main reasons for the rise in temperatures are the release of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane etc.


Global warming has many adverse effects on the climatic conditions and on the balance of nature such as occurrence of sudden storms and floods, continued heat waves, melting of glaciers, severe high temperatures at desserts and so on.Scientific evidences show that the world`s climate has been undergoing a change since the 1950`s. Deforestation and increase of carbon is the primary source of the increase in global warming.

Just as the name suggest, this does not affect just one part of the world, but globally. Human activities are mostly responsible for the rise in global warming. With more and more trees being cut down in the name of development, the ability to absorb the drastic amount of carbon released is being cut down, which indirectly creates large holes in the ozone layer and makes it impossible for the outer atmospheric layer to keep earth protected from the harmful effects of sunlight. Man has to try and control his activities, if he needs to be out of danger from the rising Global warming in the coming years.


Severe climatic changes are being observed lately and this is an outcome from the rising global warming. Some areas receive more than required rainfall, while other areas suffer from severe drought. These adverse conditions effect the cultivation and growth of the economy, there by again making it much more difficult for man to sustain himself.

To create a positive impact on the rise of global warming, man has to be aware of what he is doing and try in unity to solve this problem at the earliest.

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