Importance of Industrial Health!

The well-being of the employee in an industrial establishment is affected by accidents and by ill health—physical as well as mental health services should be provided to the workers by the management to ensure the continuing good health of their employees.

Ill health of employees results in reduced productivity, higher unsafe acts, and increased absenting.

A healthy worker, on the other hand, produces results opposite to these. In other words, healthy employees are more productive, more safety conscious, and are more regular to work. The worker who is healthy is always cheerful, confident looking and is an invaluable asset to the organisation.


A realisation of the advantages which flow from a healthy workforce has impelled much management to provide health services to their employed, which vary from the simple provision of first-aid equipment to complete medical care. Many progressive organisations maintain well equipped dispensaries with full-time or part-time doctors and full-time compounders/nurses.

Unlike his/her counterpart of yester-years, who would take every precaution to protect his houses against diseases but felt that the health of the human workers was his own business, the manager of today is fully aware of the advantages of having a healthy workforce.


The protection of the health of the workers is a legal requirement too. In recent years, mental health of employees, particularly that of executives, has engaged the attention of employers.