Social Problems and Social Change in India

Societies often face problems because of social and cultural changes. So­cial change is change in the patterned roles, or a change in the network of social relations, or a change in the structures and organization of a so­ciety. Social change is never complete or total; it is always partial. It can be minor or fundamental. […]

Short Paragraphs on Financial Environment

Financial environment refers to the environments within which a firm operates. Generally, a financial environment comprises of the finance manager, financial market and investors. The financial market may be the primary, secondary and the money market. Primary Market: It refers to the market where new shares or securities are issued by the companies. Secondary Market: […]

Short Paragraphs on Finance

Finance is a wide term and is considered the science of managing funds. In ordinary parlance, finance means liquid funds or cash reserves to be utilized for various purposes, but in business, it means the funds needed to complete a project. In both cases, the essence of the word remains the same—the change is only […]

Problem of Unemployment in India

The problem of unemployment is very serious and it is closely associated with the problem of poverty. Simply speaking, when all the willing persons in a country do not get work on the current rate of wages it is called unemployment. Otherwise speaking, if a person, who is able and willing to work, does not […]

Paragraphs on Poverty

Simply speaking, poverty is the inability to get the minimum basic requirements for life. These include food, clothing, housing, education and medical facilities etc. If a person is not able to meet these needs, he is said to be poor. Poverty is a relative term. Its meaning changes with the changed economic conditions of every […]

Short Paragraph on National Income

Meaning: National income was the most suitable indicator of economic development. It refers to increase in economy’s real national income over a long period of time. National income can be studied as gross national of product (GNP) or Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Out of the two, GDP is generally preferred to GNP as this gives […]

Useful Paragraphs on Deforestation

It has been observed that deforestation, while changing a mountain belt from stable to unstable, creates a number of problems. We can actually see the different stages of such a change—stability, vulnerability, fragility and finally instability (Messerli, 1985). The term ‘stability’ implies the long- term sustainability in the use and exploitation of land and natural […]

Paragraphs on Ecosystem and Its Types

The ecosystem is the basic structural and functional unit of ecology. The term ecosystem was first proposed by Tansley in 1935. Traditionally, an ecosystem is defined as any unit that includes all the living organisms (the community) in a given area interacting with the physical environment so that a flow of energy leads to clearly […]

Paragraphs on Terrestrial Community

Terrestrial community is naturally quite different from the aquatic community. The amount of water determines the habitability of a particular landmass. A comparison of a rain forest with a desert makes this point clear to us. Besides water, the sustaining foundations of all terrestrial life are air, and, directly or indirectly soil. Like air, soil […]

Paragraphs on Bhakti and Sufi Movements

Bhakti Movement in the Deccan: The Bhakti movement in the South led by Swami Shankaracharya, Nathmuni, Ramanuja and Nimbarka aimed at reforming the Hindu society. It condemned caste system, laid stress on the brotherhood of man and unity of God. It decried the observance of unnecessary rituals. Jnaneshwar, a leading saint of the Bhakti movement […]

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