Here is your short Paragraph on Imperialism!

The 19th century witnessed the emergence of two factors of immense consequences viz. the building of nation and building of empire on unprecedented scale. This movement is designated by term Imperialism.

The term imperialism represents a policy of extend­ing a country’s empire and influence in different parts of the world.

In its broadest meaning it is national policy of control over new areas. It also carries the suggestion that force is employed both in establish­ing domination and in maintaining it. It can also be considered as a product of basic drives and innate aggressiveness of men and their ever-present desire to dominate or control their environment.


The features of imperialism in Africa are as fallows.

In political sphere imperialism proved to be blessing in disguise for some counties. It was re­sponsible for introduction of western ideas like Na­tionalism, constitutionalism in Africa. It also brought about political unity in Africa. Africa was segmented into different tribal principalities. The presence of foreign rule provided an exile for different tribes to come together. The colonial powers also introduced an efficient system of administration. The colonial people of Africa were for the 10th time exposed to western administration.


The imperialist rule also led to slavery. The prac­tice was commenced by Portuguese in 15th century. These excited a regular slave market in Lisbon.

On economic front the imperialist powers ex­ploited the African colonies by importing raw naturals at cheapest possible rates and exporting the finished products at high rates. They also crippled the local industries. The policy of systematic exploitation re­sulted in drain of wealth and contributed to poverty starvation and backwardness.

It also adversely affected religion of local people. Christianity became thriving religion in many African countries. Imperialist rule also led to social segrega­tion. The European rulers treated their culture as su­perior to Asian and African cultures and tried to im­pose the same on them.