Every citizen of India should be proud to be an Indian as there is no other country that has the vast and rich heritage and culture that has been carried forward from centuries ago like India.

It is a rich and fertile land that had anything and everything and attracted people from all over the world, centuries ago.

Unfortunately with the invasion of foreign powers, India was exploited and then had to get back to herself after attaining independence in 1947.

History to Present:

After attaining Her Independence in 1947, with the efficient leadership of Pandit Jawarharlal Nehru, India got back to her feet and from then on has been progressing in every field that she has laid her hands on. Be it politics, science, art, culture, literature, trade or any other field, India has been growing and is still growing with great achievements in all these sectors.


India is the largest democratic country in the world and we as Indians should be proud of the same as, we enjoy the freedom of worship, speech and press. Every citizen of India has equal rights. India is a land of rich resources that are yet to be explored and utilized and hence we people of India still remain poor.

India has excelled in developing agriculture which has helped in increase of food production. Industries are rising and trade taking place at great heights. The products of India have good markets and hence trade and exchange has developed greatly.


India has a strong and efficient defence system. Though India is a peace loving country, however she is under constant threats from neighbouring countries like Pakistan and China and hence to keep her safe, the defence is very strong and protects her round the clock. India is a land that supports worship of all religions and does not differentiate one belief from another. She is the only country that has got different languages, different believes, different culture and tradition all under one roof!!!! ‘Unity in Diversity’ is her aim and she has achieved it without much troubles.

With the kind of vast heritage and culture and the beautiful landscapes, tourism in India is growing and people from all over the country flock in almost all through the year to visit the monuments and art of India that no other has in such amounts.


With India growing rapidly, it is for sure that she would soon be achieving spectacular progress in every field. With advancement in space researches, science and technology, development of atomic bombs, India is considered to be a fast developing country like the China and Japan. She is conquering all arenas is near to her and She is emerging as one among the strongest countries that the world needs to look upon to in the coming future. India is a country which would stand at par with the developed countries of the world. Such a day is not far off as far as India is concerned and she would be there shortly in all her glory.