Here is your short paragraph on my national flag:

I love my national flag. It is beautifully designed with three attractive colors in a panel namely the saffron (known as kesari in Hindi), white and dark green color. My national flag is rectangular in shape.

Over the topmost panel it has saffron color then in the middle panel it has white color and then at the lowest panel it has dark green color.

At the centre of the white panel it has blue colored Ashoka chakra representing the law of rights of the citizens of India. This chakra has twenty four spokes that are equally spaced.


Every color has its own significance:

· Saffron color signifies courage.


· White color signifies honesty & peace.

· Green color signifies fertility, love & joy. It has sacred significance too in many cultures.

· The blue color of the spinning wheel or the Ashoka chakra signifies loyalty, justice, vigilance & perseverance.

My national flag is a pictogram of my country’s identity & sovereignty of being a nation that is independent on its own. It is a symbol of pride for all those who are citizens of India. My heart swells up with pride when I see my country’s flag representing my country’s identity over the world map.

This flag was purchased at a big price which was a sea full of blood of its citizens. It is based over the Swaraj flag. It is a flag of the National Congress of India. It was designed by Pingali Venkavya.

The national flag of my country is said to be made up of a special kind of handspun called Khadi. Khadi is a type of cloth made up of silk or cotton which was made popular by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The Bureau of Indian Standards has laid down the specifications & manufacturing of the Indian flag.


The Khadi Development & Village Industries Commission in India has all the rights to manufacture the Indian flag. They allocate it to regional groups. Till 2009 the rights to manufacture the Indian flag was solely in the hands of the Karnataka Khadi Gramodyoga Samyukta Sangha.

The government authorities of India have also mentioned the size of Indian flag which is in the ratio of 2:3 which means the length is 1.5 times bigger than the width. For instance, if the length is 6300 mm, then the breadth should be 4200 mm.

The Asoka chakra represents the traditional spinning wheel. This wheel symbolizes Mahatma Gandhiji’s mission to make every citizen of India self reliant which could be done by fabricating their self clothing.