Short Paragraph on Social Evils of India


Here is your short paragraph on Social Evils of India !

India is well known for her history and great civilizations. However, though India has been developing in the technological aspect, social evil activities still continue in many parts of India.

Though there were many fights in the past who wanted India to be free from these social evil, it is has reached to a point that the number of evil deeds are rising on a day to day basis and India losing her credibility.


Basically all the evil acts would be linked to some kind of custom that has been followed for ages. Some of the evil acts are being discussed here.

One among the major social evil happening is the disrespect and abuse of women in India. Though India has attained her freedom, women are not free here. No matter what, she is still considered below to men and never given the equal status as men.


The practice of discrimination men from women is on the higher side in the villages when compared to the cities. With the rise in education things may change and the way in which women are looked upon gradually change.

Another major evil act is the dowry system, which has been following for ages now. Even today among the educated and illiterate, dowry is one concern when it comes to weddings for girls. The more a guy is educated, the higher the demand, and if it is not met, either the wedding does not take place or the girl would be tortured and killed.

Bonded labor is another social evil taking place in India. In places where education is less, especially in the northern side of India, small boys and girls are made to sign bonds for work and then taken to different places across the country for work for bare minimal wages or for nothing at times. These kids would be sold several times and in between would be sexually assaulted too.

Child marriage is another act where kids are married of even before the age they realize what is marriage! Though the practice has been reduced considerably, there are villages that still practice this system.

It is high time that India awake and get rid of these system that torture women and kids mostly and make it a better place with equal rights for all.

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