Here is your short paragraph on leadership !

Leadership is the most widely discussed topic in our society today. Many organizations look around for good leaders to successfully run their businesses.

But how they identify their leaders & what do they look in them is the main question.

In our society all the time individuals need motivation, guidance and purpose to accomplish various tasks successfully. People need someone who can stand up and show them how to do things in a right manner to yield maximum output.


Leadership is always said to be associated with power to dominate others (in a group). The ultimate goal of leadership is to bring out the best from the team members. A good leader must be competent enough so that he/ she may influence the minds of others. A leader must focus over delivering positive outputs in the organization. A leader must motivate his/ her team members to support the team members to deliver good ideas & improvements.

A good leader should have the following characteristics:


I. He should be able to direct and motivate others

II. He should take overall responsibility for the actions and direction of his team.

III. He should be capable to set objectives.

IV. He should properly organize and motivate his team members.

V. He should always be ready to take initiative on behalf of his team.

VI. He should have perseverance when things are not working as per plan.


VII. He should have a positive attitude towards failures and frustrations.

VIII. He should be ready to accept responsibilities for wrong decisions and mistakes.

IX. He should always be flexible in terms of adapting goals in changing circumstances.

X. He must possess the qualities to go extra miles when asked.


XI. He should have a good vision towards the consequences.

XII. He should always treat his team members the way he want to be treated.

There are 5 types of leadership styles namely- Laissez-Faire style, Autocratic style, Participative style, Transactional style and Transformational style. Leadership plays an important role for the growth and development of our society.

The importance of leadership can be summarized as:


I. Leadership creates good managers.

II. Leadership runs the government successfully.

III. Leadership decides the fate of businesses.

IV. Leadership motivates and inspires the youth of the nation.

V. Leadership helps to build cordial employer and employee relationships.

VI. Leadership helps to deal with management crisis.

VII. Leadership helps to take out new ideas from people.